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Making Mobile Part of Your Lead Gen Strategy

The need to make mobile media part of your lead generation strategy today is obvious. What isn’t so obvious is how to integrate mobile in a way that will effectively engage consumers and not run afo

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May. 03 2012

Using Marketing Analytics to Accurately Microtarget B2B leads

It is imperative to identify the B2B lead generation tactics that best connects with the best prospects early, helps optimize lead quality, and closes more deals.



May. 01 2012

How to Generate Leads With Insert Marketing 1

Inserts drawing attention to one product that is a seasonal or perennial strong-seller can create interest in your brand and drive prospects to your website to make a purchase or request a catalog.



Apr. 12 2012

Brand Consistency Helps Vistaprint Connect With Prospects

A consistent brand presence across channels



Apr. 11 2012

B2B Firms Must Rethink the Lead Supply Chain

The shrinking sales cycle has put a lot more pressure on B2B companies to engage with prospects swiftly and effectively. The challenge is that resources are limited



Apr. 09 2012

FTC Calls For Legislative Oversight of Data Brokers

The Federal Trade Commission has issued a report recommending, in part, that data brokers offer consumers greater transparency into, and control over, data collected and stored. The report also recommends a central web site where consumers can learn about data compilers by name, understand their proceesses, and exercise rights of access to their data.



Apr. 04 2012

New Express Loyalty Program Expands Beyond Credit Card Holders

Apparel marketer Express Inc. is using its new credit card-based Express Next rewards program to reach out to consumers who don’t actually own that branded credit card.



Mar. 28 2012

Synonym-Aided Search Boosts Guess’s Website Performance

Shoppers have thousands of ways to ask for products they want. But if a marketer’s website can’t recognize those requests, the opportunity to make a sale vanishes. Guess Inc. is using a new website platform that recognizes a wide variety of synonyms entered into search engines to direct prospects to relevant offerings.
The fashion marketer’s organic search efforts have paid off, attracting customers more likely to want specific products–and pay premium prices for them–rather than pulling in bargain hunters.



Mar. 23 2012

Real-Time Customer Feedback is the New Focus Group 1

Observing customers and monitoring their feedback can offer important insight into their desires and consumption patterns.



Mar. 19 2012

Lead Management (And Data) Practices Vary Among B2B Marketers 1

A new study shows business-to-business marketers vary greatly on their lead generation, lead nurturing and lead evaluation practices.