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Activities, Stats, Trends in Digital Marketing?—Infographic

Arun Sivashankaran (FunnelEnvy) With the digital marketing industry topping $62 billion in the U.S. every scrap of helpful information CMOs can gather is important to the bottom line. This infograp

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Jun. 04 2012

The Case for Data-Driven Test and Learn Processes

The test-and-learn loop is an underused tool in a marketer’s arsenal. Pity, because it can be the difference between just struggling along and succeeding.



May. 09 2012

Web Analysis Proves Big Businesses are Viable for Avery Office Products 4

Avery Dennison’s business-to-business salespeople were convinced large companies were not visiting its website. Analysis showed differently.



May. 04 2012

Pre-ranking Leads Maximizes Expensive Sales-Staff Efforts

Lead scoring proves valuable in the business-to-business (B2B) marketing space, where salespeople’s time is money.



May. 03 2012

Using Marketing Analytics to Accurately Microtarget B2B leads

It is imperative to identify the B2B lead generation tactics that best connects with the best prospects early, helps optimize lead quality, and closes more deals.



Apr. 09 2012

FTC Calls For Legislative Oversight of Data Brokers

The Federal Trade Commission has issued a report recommending, in part, that data brokers offer consumers greater transparency into, and control over, data collected and stored. The report also recommends a central web site where consumers can learn about data compilers by name, understand their proceesses, and exercise rights of access to their data.



Mar. 23 2012

Real-Time Customer Feedback is the New Focus Group 1

Observing customers and monitoring their feedback can offer important insight into their desires and consumption patterns.



Mar. 19 2012

Lead Management (And Data) Practices Vary Among B2B Marketers 1

A new study shows business-to-business marketers vary greatly on their lead generation, lead nurturing and lead evaluation practices.




Feb. 21 2012

Prospecting on All Platforms: Chief Marketer’s 2012 Lead Gen Survey 1

Whether your brand sells to consumers or to other businesses, chances are you’re looking for leads in lots of new places.



Feb. 14 2012

Using Data to Channel-Optimize Marketing

Marketing isn’t taught by the mathematics departments within colleges and universities, but some day maybe it will be. Each day, marketers are more dependent on the numbers. Metrics and measurements talk to marketers, revealing secret insights into campaigns. For example, data analysis shows how channel optimization makes money.



Feb. 14 2012