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Moneyball and Marketing: Challenging Conventional Data Wisdom

By Tim Girgenti

As a baseball-mad boy growing up in Houston, there were certain basics that I could count on seeing in the

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Apr. 05 2013

Big Data Critical to Customer-Centric Cultures: CMO Council Report

A new study from the CMO Council reports both marketing and IT execs think big data is a key advantage in developing a more customer-centric business.



Jan. 28 2013

Data Quality Still a Struggle for B2B Marketers

Many B2B marketers have serious data quality issues to deal with, particularly when it comes to phone and email contact information, according to new research from NetProspex.



Jan. 04 2013

Resolve to Have a Better Contact Database in 2013 6

No matter what your marketing segment or initiative, your database is the cornerstone of your overall program’s performance. Follow these tips to revamp your data wellness going into 2013



Dec. 17 2012

Data Management Roadmap: 5 Critical Multichannel Milestones 1

The multichannel, big data future is here now. If you haven’t already, you need to get smart fast about the data you’ll need.



Sep. 15 2012

Lyris One Addresses The Age of Exploding Data 22

Lyris One, a new platform from Lyris, offers marketers the opportunity to integrate, sort, analyze and generate campaigns of a wealth of customer data, both from within and outside the company.



Sep. 04 2012

Database Gives Insight Into Email Timing, Engagement and Conversion 2

Marketers can boost email conversion rates by coordinating blasts to individual consumers’ demonstrated high-engagement times, thanks to a new tool from Epsilon. And the funny part? The inspiration for this (legitimate) system was a trick used by spammers.



Sep. 04 2012

Wunderman’s Pearson Gives an Agency Angle on Data, Social, Mobile: Q&A

Social media and mobile devices are changing how marketers are using customer and prospect information. Chief Marketer spoke with Stewart Pearson, chief client officer at Wunderman Global, on how agencies and agency clients are looking to gain and use data-based insights.



Aug. 18 2012

Consumer Social Media Data Difficult, Rewarding to Analyze: Q&A 3

Social media is a rich data source, if your brand is up to the task of mining it safely and well. Chief Marketer spoke with Ben Salmon, global solutions owner at Pitney Bowes Software, about the challenges and potential rewards of incorporating this data into marketing campaigns.



Aug. 03 2012

2012 PRO Award Winner: Turner Broadcasting Ad Sales for AT&T

2012 PRO Award Finalist: Turner Broadcasting Ad Sales for AT&T and the “Conan /AT&T Blimp Sponsorship” promotion.



Aug. 03 2012

2012 PRO Award Finalist: The Marketing Arm for Doritos

2012 PRO Award Finalist: The Marketing Arm for Doritos and the “Crash the Super Bowl” Best Sponsorship or Tie-in Promotion.