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Moneyball and Marketing: Challenging Conventional Data Wisdom

By Tim Girgenti

As a baseball-mad boy growing up in Houston, there were certain basics that I could count on seeing in the

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Jun. 22 2012

New Online Deal Site Targets Gay Male Market 1, a newly launched deal site, offers marketers an opportunity to reach an affluent, engaged population. But marketers need to know there are specific ways to speak with — and not speak with — this audience.



Apr. 20 2012

Want Travel Business? Look to Your Smartphone Presence 2

A couple of recent reports have put some numbers behind the notion that we lean on our mobile phones for much more than just talk these days. Specifically, if you’re involved with the travel industry and want to reach a customer base that’s lighting out for the territory this summer, you might want to start making serious plans to mobilize your campaigns. As it turns out, smartphones aren’t just the last things we touch before takeoff or the first things we reach for when we’re wheels down.



Apr. 10 2012

The New Sweet Spot for Reaching the Hispanic Consumer 1

When it comes to the Hispanic consumer, there’s what brand marketers know about this demographic and what retailers know. Here’s how to start bringing those two pictures together to create a whole portrait of Hispanic shoppers.



Mar. 22 2012

Early Return (Visitors) in the Online Race 6

Mitt Romney’s web site drew the highest proportion of Hispanic visitors in January, and Gingirch’s online traffic had the biggest bank accounts. But the Obama campaign put them all in the shade for absoulte traffic volume, racking up more site visits for the month than all his GOP rivals combined.



Feb. 22 2012

As Hispanic Population Grows, So Do Challenges for Marketers: 5 Insights

The Latina shopper is a smart, knowledgeable shopper




Feb. 15 2012

The Best of the Best: Four Game Changing Ideas from IMA Winners

All of these campaigns offer valuable lessons that marketers can apply to their own promotional efforts in 2012



Feb. 15 2012

Marketers Help Consumers Stick to New Year’s Resolutions

Trying to get consumers to change their habits for the better is an annual first-quarter ritual



Feb. 14 2012


Jan. 26 2012

4 Tips for Integrating Inserts and Social Media

There are many ways businesses can use inserts to add balance and reach to their online marketing programs