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Facebook and Nielsen in Data Collection Partnership

Robert Faturechi, Meg James (Chicago Tribune) Facebook will embark on a deal with Nielsen to share age and gender information on Facebook users who watch a TV show on a wireless device bringing the

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Jun. 10 2011

Younger Marketers Quicker To Embrace Multichannel Efforts: Survey

Younger marketers’ use of e-mail, social and mobile channels is no surprise to anyone. But a channel use survey from Pitney Bowes did uncover another channel preference that was unexpected: Marketers under 35 are also more likely than other age groups to use direct mail in their marketing mix.



Jun. 06 2011

Broker Roundtable: Targeting Diverse Ethnic Segments

Welcome to Broker Roundtable, where each week we ask list brokers to give their opinions on issues that matter to the marketing community. This week’s question: As the U.S. gets more ethnically diverse, what are some tips to help marketers target various demographic segments?



May. 19 2011

High Tech, Personalization Let Citi Refresh ThankYou Rewards Program

Citi has been actively innovating credit card rewards programs to make sure its cards are the ones consumers reach for when they make a purchase. The issuer has taken a multi-track approach, piloting new ways to customize point rewards but also testing some distinctly different ways to redeem those points.



May. 18 2011

Time Warner Launches Hispanic DR, Social Effort 1

Time Warner Cable has launched a massive direct response television and print campaign promoting various services to Hispanic people.



May. 03 2011

Retooling Your Marketing Strategy for Success in Emerging Global Markets

If it’s time for your company to review and retool its marketing strategy for emerging markets, here are some guidelines to get you started down the right path.



Mar. 03 2011

Older Baby Boomers May Hold Surprises For Marketers

Age is an essential data point when targeting consumers. But advertisers who have pre-fixed ideas about what a baby boomer looks like may be in for a rude awakening as younger-thinking citizens age into this cohort.

Take the oldest boomers, those born between 1946 and 1954. They’re a lot more active—and a lot more computer-savvy—than previous generations of consumers in their mid-50s and mid-60s. Linda Armstrong, an executive vice president and practice leader at DMW Direct who specializes in health and age-targeted product launches, spoke with Chief Marketer about specific considerations marketers should mull when appealing to this group.



Oct. 01 2010

10 Tips for Marketing to African Americans

Create an emotional connection with African American consumers with appropriate thematic and product partners. Think Partner with brands African American



Oct. 01 2010

Lessons From the Past: Ideas from 2010 Black History Month

Those thinking of creating retail campaigns tailored to African American consumers can get some good ideas from these initiatives, which were done last



Oct. 01 2010

Fisher-Prices’s New Zoo View Connects With New Moms

Everyone goes to a zoo to see something they’ve never encountered before. But a zoo-centric live-event campaign from Mattel subsidiary Fisher-Price is



Oct. 01 2010

Picking Up Chicks: How Brands Relate to Women in Social Media

If women are a core target audience for your brand, chances are good you’re already connecting to them via social media. Well, that is, good if you want