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Making Mobile Part of Your Lead Gen Strategy

The need to make mobile media part of your lead generation strategy today is obvious. What isn’t so obvious is how to integrate mobile in a way that will effectively engage consumers and not run afo

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May. 17 2011

Unified Databases, E-mail Hygiene Pay Out For Eldorado Resorts

At Eldorado Resorts, databases talk to each other before talking to guests. These conversations keep members of its loyalty program from being bombarded with too many solicitations—or, even worse, with inappropriate messages.

This quantity control effort is relatively new. Up through the summer of 2010, Eldorado’s various business departments, including its restaurants, casinos, showrooms, concert venues and hotels, maintained unlinked databases. Because of this, individual properties—like the Eldorado and Silver Legacy Casinos in Nevada, and an Eldorado in Shreveport—didn’t have a complete view of the value of their customers.



Apr. 25 2011

Data Helps Indiana Tourism Org Boost E-mail Relevancy

Killing the print edition of its visitors guide may have been the best database-augmenting action Indiana’s South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority ever took. In doing so, the group put itself in a position to deliver better-qualified leads to its member organizations by focusing on online communication.



Apr. 15 2011

Why Marketing Should Control the Marketing Database, Not IT

I have been a direct and database marketing consultant since 1984. In all that time, one consistent verity is that most internal information technology departments think they can – and should – be responsible for the marketing database. In many instances, the IT department has no idea what it is talking about.



Apr. 01 2011

Maternity Marketing Media

In reaching new moms, postal mail may be the best delivery channel for those who’ve recently delivered



Mar. 10 2011

Tailor Your B-to-B Newsletter to the Reader, Not the Company

Chief Marketer recently talked with Craig Fitzgerald, editorial director of Waltham, MA-based e-newsletter firm IMN, to get his thoughts on what types of content work best in B-to-B newsletters, best practices, and what to avoid if you want to keep your audience opted-in and reading.



Feb. 10 2011

New Pig Finds the Funny Side of B-to-B

B-to-B marketing creative tends to hit features and benefits, rather than the funny bone. And experts typically advise marketers to be cautious when using humor. But it



Dec. 21 2010

New Credit Card Holder Lists Still a Good Bet 1

A few years ago, when there were 7 billion credit card solicitations being mailed, one of the core types of lists being used was recent credit card issues.



Dec. 08 2010

First Step in Monetizing Social Media: Listening

As marketers grapple with how to make money from social media, they may be overlooking one simple tactic: listening to what people are saying about the brand on social networks, and reacting accordingly.



Nov. 30 2010

Call Center Operator iPacesetters Acquires Lead And Tech Firm ARGI

IPacesetters, a call center operator, has acquired ARGI. ARGI offers audience development, lead generation and marketing technology.



Nov. 18 2010

Broker Roundtable: What’s the Outlook for Cooperative Databases?

This week’s question: What’s the Outlook for Cooperative Databases?