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Making Mobile Part of Your Lead Gen Strategy

The need to make mobile media part of your lead generation strategy today is obvious. What isn’t so obvious is how to integrate mobile in a way that will effectively engage consumers and

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Oct. 24 2011

Hearst, Experian Team Up To Model And Score Commitment

When a marketer delivers goods in advance of payment, as in a “bill me” situation, there is a greater possibility of a lack of commitment on the prospect’s part. And that can result in higher levels of non-paying customers. Unfortunately for magazine publishers, bill me options for subscription requests are fairly standard.

For Hearst Magazines, the challenge was establishing a web-based system that evaluates subscription requestors on the fly, allowing good prospects to sail through the subscription process easily while providing just enough of a barrier for online prospects who are riskier.



Oct. 14 2011

Connecting With Prospects and Customers on LinkedIn

How can you make the most of LinkedIn to build your business’s social profile



Oct. 01 2011

Texas Instruments Aims B-to-B Marketing at its Target Audience: Product Designers 5

When your business is selling integrated circuits and microchips to be used in electronic products, you want to build and foster relationships that bring you closer to your end-user. TI defines that customer as the design engineer



Sep. 30 2011

Multichannel Attribution Helps Determine Which Mediums Influence Sales

Attributing a sale to the last customer touch can result in skewed channel effectiveness calculations. Paradysz’s Rob Stagno offers thoughts on the complexity of multichannel attribution.



Sep. 28 2011

Green & Black’s Chocolates Live Events: Part Focus Group, Part Lead Gen

Green & Black Organic Chocolate has three flavor suggestions (from among its 13 varieties) for chocolate lovers who feel like kids again when they eat chocolate, who prefer sporty dress styles and who like to spend their leisure time networking. How is Green & Black determining which consumers possess these attributes? It’s asking them, through a series of quick surveys at live events and on its Facebook page.



Sep. 13 2011

How to Effectively Execute a Sample Program

As marketing times change fast check out these new rules for conducting sampling programs.



Sep. 12 2011

Data Helps Expo Washable Markers Find Best Party Hosts

Mothers who weren’t chosen to host one of the at-home parties held for Expo Washable Markers on June 11 shouldn’t feel slighted: Only 1800 hosts were selected from more than 24,000 applicants. That’s an acceptance rate of less than 7.5%.



Sep. 08 2011

Dream Team: How Toshiba Medical Systems Built a Strong B-to-B Marketing Staff

To better serve the company and create a better perception in the marketplace, Toshiba America Medical Systems combined two separate internal staffs



Sep. 08 2011

Craft a Winning B-to-B Email Strategy from the Start

If you want to have a great B-to-B email program that generates solid leads, the beginning is a great place to start. That means asking the right questions on your sign-up form, crafting an engaging welcome email and enticing your prospects to open that email with a solid subject line. Megan Feltes, sales content specialist with email marketing service Emma, shares some best practices she’s learned through working with clients and crafting the company’s own lead-gen strategy.



Sep. 08 2011

Lead Flow Planning: How Many Leads Are Really Enough For Your Sales Team?

When it comes to leads, it’s tempting to think that more is better. But the truth is, enough is