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Event & Experiential Marketing Special Report

In this Chief Marketer Special Report, we explore why marketers are no longer content with reaching customers and prospects at an event, but are now trying to engulf them in an experience. Yo

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Oct. 04 2011

A Better DMA

There’s a palpably upbeat energy at this year’s Direct Marketing Association Conference and Exhibition. The breakout concurrent sessions



Sep. 08 2011

Dream Team: How Toshiba Medical Systems Built a Strong B-to-B Marketing Staff

To better serve the company and create a better perception in the marketplace, Toshiba America Medical Systems combined two separate internal staffs



Aug. 03 2011

Cisco Global Sales Experience (GSX)

Cisco’s growth is driven by a 21,000-person global sales force. Training, education and achievement recognition are key to continued development of this critical team and their efforts to protect and elevate Cisco’s market share



Aug. 02 2011

Lead Gen Best Practices: Bridging the Sales/Marketing Gap

While sales and marketing are ultimately marching toward the same goal—driving leads and closing more deals—there has long been a disconnect between these two functions. Sales teams often follow up with leads based on little insight into how that prospect became a lead, or what specific area of interest the prospect has.



Jun. 10 2011

Making the Most of Leads From Trade Shows 1

In today’s challenging economic environment, not following up on tradeshow lead data is really inexcusable. It is expensive—really expensive—to be an exhibitor at a show. And whether your tradeshow exhibitor investment will net a profit or a loss all depends on how the lead data is capture and used.



May. 04 2011

Virtual Events Bring Life to Compuware Marketing Strategy

While some B-to-B marketers are considering going on the road again, many are turning to virtual conferences to engage customers and prospects who might not have the time



Apr. 14 2011

Live Events: Are B-to-B Marketers on the Road Again?

After several years of many companies being corporate homebodies, anecdotal evidence suggests that B-to-B marketers are starting to ramp up their live event schedules.



Apr. 01 2011

The B-to-B Economy: Where B-to-B Marketers are Spending their Dollars in 2011

Chief Marketer talked to several experts to get their take on where and how B-to-B marketers are spending their money in 2011