What List Niches Will be Hot in 2012?

By Nov 09, 2011

Welcome to Broker Roundtable, where each week we ask list brokers to give their opinions on issues that matter to the marketing community. This week’s question: What list niches are likely to be hot in 2012?

Our panel includes Kathy Joslin of Statlistics, Matt Kaiser of Veradata, Kevin Kerley of Carney Direct Marketing, Lisa Pollack of Adrea Rubin Marketing and Linda Santaite of DSA Direct. Would you like to be considered to be a member of our roundtable? Contact Larry Riggs (larry.riggs@penton.com).

Kathy Joslin, account executive, Statlistics:
With social media exploding, short message service (SMS) and mobile lists will be increasing significantly. The emergence of smartphones, iPads and other technologies demonstrates how business is done in the future. People practically live on them these days and with all the apps they can download more and more will be done electronically.

Matt Kaiser, executive vice president, Veradata:
Social network data, religious and political affiliation files will be hot. It’s an election year and it may be the biggest election year our country has ever experienced. With more heated debates, and more domestic and global challenges than ever before, political leanings will take shape in the form of creative segmentation across a number of verticals.

Next, it’s interesting to measure what I will call the PI or prayer index. When all else fails, many turn to religion and prayer to help solve their problems. As the economy continues to languish and unemployment remains high, many households are turning to their respective deities for some level of divine intervention. Marketers are acknowledging this practice and will be looking to take advantage of these affinities.

Lastly, there’s social network data. Who are the individuals with the biggest networks who can evangelize my product/company/organization? Where can I get the biggest branding bang for my buck? Mail to one, touch 12? This can all be done through a social network bump.

Kevin Kerley, executive vice president Carney Direct Marketing:
In my opinion, transactional data will remain a hot data set for 2012, as it has always been. We all like to know who is buying what and how often they are buying.

Lisa Pollack, senior account executive,| Adrea Rubin Marketing Inc.:
The 2010 Census data is streaming into the aggregated databases now, and will continue through the first quarter of 2012. The changes in the census findings will help identify new segments of the population and translate into new data segments. The new American landscape, with changes in household incomes and composition, as well as other data points, will force marketers to look at data differently.

We are also expecting to see new segmentation and data files come to market that identify channel preference, digital usage and subprime credit activity.

The number, size and depth of data from Internet generated files will continue to increase in 2012, and remain one of the largest growth categories in data. Consumers spend more time online today and are becoming more comfortable with online registrations and providing their information for a variety of offers. These consumers who opt-in understand that their information will be used for third party offers and are more accepting of this practice.

Linda Santaite, sales executive DSA Direct:
Healthcare, insurance, discount clubs, nonprofit offers and value priced products and services will likely continue to be the hot niches in 2012.

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