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The USPS Meets The Daily Show

By Dec 17, 2011

Things at the U.S. Postal Service must be really, really dire and out of control when they come to the attention of prominent political satirists like "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart."

In a segment airing last Thursday, show regular Wyatt Cenac used some rather graphic language to describe essentially how Congress is fiddling while the USPS burns and how potential solutions now being bandied about—like cutting Saturday delivery, losing 3,700 postal locations and axing about 120,000 employees—aren’t really what the public wants.

The segment did feature Cliff Guffy, president of the American Postal Workers Union defending mail—but his solution was to start writing letters to one’s mother.

Of course, maybe, they suggested, postal mail is simply unknown to some younger people. To counter this, Cenac suggests creating a television commercial featuring celebrities like singer Cee Lo Green, "iCarly" actress Miranda Cosgrove, skateboarder Tony Hawk and "Harold and Kumar" actors John Cho and Kal Penn encouraging viewers to, er, "jam it in your box." As Cosgrove enthuses, writing letters is like “texting with a pencil.”

Here's the clip. What do you think?