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Chief Marketer Listline June 4

By Jun 04, 2014

fragranceChief Marketer and NextMark offer a selection of files new to market. The criteria for selection for Chief Marketer Listline is:

  • New list to market in past 7 days
  • Exclusive to list manager
  • Data card quality score 85 or higher on NextMark
  • Data card publicly available online

FragranceNet.com Package Insert Program
This site offers over 17,000 beauty and fragrance products.
Universe: 1,700,000
Price: $65/M
Contact: Diversified Marketing and Media, Mike Epstein, mike@diversemm.com, (203) 220-9192
Datacard: http://lists.nextmark.com/market?page=order/online/datacard&id=413978

Get Motivated Seminars
These seminars feature high-profile speakers such as former U.S. presidents, Olympic athletes and entertainers, and focus on self improvement, leadership, management skills and other topics.
Universe: 2,809,906
Price: $115/M
Selections: Gender, multi-event buyers, state, phone, SCF/State/Zip
Contact: American Name Services, Wendy Harwood, wharwood@a-names.com, (801) 235-8061 ext 210
Datacard: http://lists.nextmark.com/market?page=order/online/datacard&id=414292

Inside Wall Street Report Postal File
This file features investors who are interested in new and emerging microcaps.
Universe: 175,394
Price: $175/M
Selections: Gender, SCF/State/Zip
Contact: MetaResponse Group, Diane Dubocq, diane@metaresponse.com, (954) 360-0644
Datacard: http://lists.nextmark.com/market?page=order/online/datacard&id=414142

Office Equipment & Furniture Purchasers Postal from BuyerZone
BuyerZone connects businesses with sellers of SMB products and goods through a lead gen engine.
Universe: 65,166
Price: $125/M
Selections: Hotline, products/services purchased
Contact: MeritDirect, Azalia Allen, aallen@meritdirect.com, (914) 368-1127

Datacard: http://lists.nextmark.com/market?page=order/online/datacard&id=411214

Science and Laboratory Magazine Subscriber Masterfile
Active decision makers in fields such as pharmaceuticals, biotech and library science are featured on this file.
Universe: 155,781
Price: $170/M
Selections: Business type, employee size, gender, job function/title, phone
Contact: The Information Refinery, Inc., Brahm Schenkman, bschenkman@inforefinery.com, (201) 529-2600
Datacard: http://lists.nextmark.com/market?page=order/online/datacard&id=413969

Casey McClay is a client success director at NextMark.