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Chief Marketer Listline Feb. 25

By Feb 25, 2013


Chief Marketer and NextMark offer a selection of files new to market. The criteria for selection for Chief Marketer Listline is:

· New list to market in past 7 days

· Exclusive to list manager

· Data card quality score 85 or higher on NextMark

· Data card publicly available online

American Water Works Association

Founded in 1881, the AWWA is the oldest and largest nonprofit, scientific and educational organization dedicated to safe and sustainable water in the world.

Universe: 52,095

Price: $175/M

Selections: Conference/event attendance, field served, industry, job title, member/non-member, primary interest, State/SCF/Zip, subscriber/buyer type

Contact: Infocus Marketing, Inc., Customer Service, sales@infocusmarketing.com, (800) 708-5478

Datacard: http://lists.nextmark.com/market?page=order/online/datacard&id=374037

Healthwire eNewsletter

These subscribers are seeking to stay informed on current health reports and trends.

Universe: 50,000

Price: $25/M

Contact: TMA Direct., Gabie Williams, gwilliams@tmadirect.com, (703) 547-4951

Datacard:  http://lists.nextmark.com/market?page=order/online/datacard&id=372140


This email file features lawn & landscape care business owners and decision makers who have registered to access a premier industry website

Universe: 79,437

Price: $325/M

Selections: Geography, target region

Contact: The Information Refinery, Inc., Brahm Schenkman, bschenkman@inforefinery.com, (201) 529-2600 x29

Datacard: http://lists.nextmark.com/market?page=order/online/datacard&id=373922

Security Director News Subscribers Email

This online publication reaches security directors in across a variety of industries.

Universe: 11,547

Price: $300/M

Selections: Number of employees, gender, job title/function, primary business, products, State/SCF/Zip

Contact:  Bethesda List Center, Barbara Higgins, mbusca@enertexmarketing.com, (212) 532-1657

Datacard: http://lists.nextmark.com/market?page=order/online/datacard&id=373524

Todd Akin for U.S. Senate

Republican Todd Akin was elected a Missouri State Representative in 1988 and voted to US Congress in 2000,

Universe: 18,711

Price: $135/M

Selections: Gender, SCF/State/Zip

Contact: TMA Direct, Taylor Billings, tbillings@tmadirect.com, (703) 547-4953

Datacard:  http://lists.nextmark.com/market?page=order/online/datacard&id=373646

Maria Dailey is a client success specialist with NextMark Inc.