Half of Marketers Report Enterprise Data Most Underutilized Asset: Survey

By Aug 05, 2013

It’s no secret that there is widespread belief among marketers across the globe that gathering, integrating and analyzing all available enterprise data, and then applying real-time insights to that analysis drives a better customer experience, and thus stronger brand differentiation and faster growth. So it is surprising that a new study of thousands of marketers found that nearly 50% agreed that data is the most underutilized asset in their organization.

enterprise dataEven more striking is that less than 10% said they currently use what data they have in a systematic way, the survey from Teradata Applications found.

But that may soon change as 71% of the 2,200 marketers around the world that were surveyed said they plan to implement a big data analytics solution in the next two years. Just 18% reported having a single, integrated view of customer actions, yet it is one of marketers’ top priorities for future improvement.

Silos are a big roadblock with nearly 65% agreeing that silos within their marketing department prevent them from having a holistic view of a campaign across channels even though 42% of marketing executives said that integrating the cross-channel customer experience is a top priority.

System integration has shown to make calculating ROI difficult and fraught with problems 75% of the marketers said.

“Acting on more informed insights yields better customer engagement, but it all starts with vision, a strategic process, and having the right talent in place,’ said Darryl McDonald, president of Teradata Applications, said.

  • Ryan Smith

    I agree. And a shameless plug for my company — Allegiance — we help you pull valuable data from throughout your organization and combine it with Voice of the Customer surveys. The future is technology that makes sense of the big data you have to sort through to make informed decisions.