Education is Major Roadblock to Big Data

By Jan 01, 2014


enterprise dataLack of education is still the big nut to crack in greater adoption of Big Data by businesses. And executives indicate it will be years before Big Data’s usefulness is fully realized. Research found that a majority of U.S. business executives said their companies were not using Big Data because they needed more education on how it solves business problems.

  • Vivian Braun

    These findings suggest that the executives in the survey start with the data (‘big’ or otherwise) rather than identifying the key business issues and then selecting the data that will help making better decisions. Map out what influences performance / enhances visibility, check if relevant data sources are available… begin the analysis, act, learn and repeat. One day you might find that you’re using ‘big data’.

    • http://www.mcgrawmarketing.com/ patmcgraw

      Vivian, that’s a fantastic point. Success comes from a solid data strategy that identifies what you want to know and what data (along with sources of data) are needed to answer the questions. Then you need an agreed upon process for collecting/gathering/storing the data so it can quickly, easily accessed for analysis. Finally, once the analysis is complete, there needs to be a way to quickly, easily accurately share the analysis, findings and recommendations so that everyone within the organization understands the impact.

  • Vasudha Murugesan

    Interesting. I was under the assumption that most big players in most industries had adopted Big Data. Is that not true?