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CM Listline: Tapping Masterfiles for Recency and Efficiency

By Feb 16, 2012

Real-time advertising and retargeting online may be working for some, but most marketers with a sustainable growth plan for new customer acquisition still rely on mail to drive web traffic and conversions. If timing is everything, then recency is critical—but it's not that easy to find enough "fresh" names to test. Unfortunately, it still takes a lot of effort to net out an adequate prospect file from the merge-purge of multiple response list hotlines due to the costs and time required to get the job done right.

Therefore, it makes sense that large masterfiles continue to be popular among direct marketing agencies and list brokers. They offer the depth and breadth of compiled databases, combined with the recency, frequency and monetary value that direct response marketers have relied on for decades. The Bonnier Corporation Enhanced Masterfile and the Time Inc. Magazines Group Enhanced Masterfile (comprising 37 and 19 unique magazine titles, respectively) are good examples. The 30-day hotlines often exceed a million subscribers, so recency is not hard to find. With improvements in third-party data processing services, these databases are more predictable. It can't hurt to ask for a selection cap on your initial test as well, since these costs can add up as you drill down to find your niche.

The List Popularity Index (below) shows each list's rating on a range from 0 to 100, with 100 being the highest. The scores are calculated using an algorithm that analyzes the recency and frequency of more than 100,000 outside list recommendations made in the trailing 12 months of the scoring date.

Bonnier Corporation Enhanced Masterfile
Universe: 11,191,405
Price: $105/M
List Popularity Index: 100
Contact: Lake Group Media, Allison McKinnon, allison.mckinnon@lakegroupmedia.com(914) 925-2400

Gift Buyers Masterfile
Universe: 9,300,925
Price: $110/M
List Popularity Index: 99
Contact: Belardi Ostroy, Kathy Hermann, kathyh@belardiostroy.com (212) 381-1724

Hearst Masterfile
Universe: 14,429,750
Price: $110/M
List Popularity Index: 100
Contact: ALC, Michael Auriemma, michael.auriemma@alc.com ,
(914) 524-5238

Meredith Database Masterfile
Universe: 15,545,600
Price: $110/M
List Popularity Index: 100
Contact: Specialists Marketing Services, Sharron Mahoney,
sharrmah@sms-inc.com, (201) 865-5800, Ext. 2226

Time Inc. Magazines Group Enhanced Masterfile
Universe: 15,557,218
Price: $95/M
List Popularity Index: 100
Contact: Infogroup, Kerry Bergeron, kerry.bergeron@infogroup.com ,
(402) 836-5150

Data cards for these are publicly available at http://lists.nextmark.com.

Chris DeMartine (http://www.linkedin.com/in/chrisdemartine ) is director of business development at NextMark.