Corona Creates a “Beach Mindset”

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We’ve all seen the images. A couple relaxing on a sandy beach in some balmy tropical destination, icy bottles of Corona topped with a lime resting on a table between the two. It’s that image that the brand wants consumers to draw upon and imagine themselves partaking in this summer as it begins the second phase of its “Find Your Beach” campaign.

Phase one is underway with a treasure hunt of sorts. Unique codes are placed on about 12,000 Corona bottles and cans for consumers to find hidden in packages. They use the codes to enter the “Corona Beach Gateway” sweepstakes that offers 1,700 prizes, including a grand-prize trip to Mexico.

Two new TV spots from Cramer-Krasselt show everyday situations transforming into picture-perfect settings. “Flight,” which first aired earlier this month during an NBC playoff game, paints the illusion of a couple relaxing on a beach when a flight attendant passes between them with a bar cart, triggering a daydream that leads the couple to find their beach on an airplane. The spot also eludes to a new wave of interactive elements that in the coming months. A second spot begins airing later this year.

Beginning this month, Corona will launch a Facebook page to continue the theme that your beach doesn’t actually have to be a beach.

In September, a mobile promotion will reward users for participating in a number of activities with the brand and finding their own beach. Whether it’s checking in at a stadium or a ski lodge, challenges will change depending on the users lifestyle, the season and even holidays. Pereira O’Dell developed the social media platforms.

The campaign is also supported by outdoor digital in key markets. In select markets, Corona will also introduce a new twist on its iconic imagery.

“We’ve implemented creative change-ups to our signature brand,” Jim Sabia, executive vice president of marketing, parent Crown Imports, said. “We’re proud of what our brand has grown to represent and excited about the opportunity to evolve with our customers.”


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