Consumer Email List Prices At All Time Low: Worldata

Posted on by Beth Negus Viveiros

Thanks to an abundance of files on the market, consumer email list rental prices are at an all-time low, according to Worldata's fall 2012 list price index.

“Permission-based B2C email lists saw the largest price drop this quarter and it is no coincidence that this was during a large presidential election time," said Ray Tesi, senior vice president of Worldata in a statement.  "The surge of available data in the consumer email category was directly related to the election cycle.”

Permission-based consumer email had an average list price of $74/M, a $7/M  (8.64%) decrease compared to fall 2011, which made it the lowest priced category in the history of the index. The second lowest priced category for fall 2012 at $84/M was donors.

In comparison, permission-based medium-to-large business email files showed an average cost CPM of $248/M, maintaining its position as the highest priced domestic list rental category this quarter, even though that figure is a decrease of $4/M compared to fall 2011.

The largest price increases for the quarter were in the databases/masterfiles category, which went up by $5/M (4.5%), and the attendees/members and newsletters categories, which each went up $2/M to $132/M and $162/M, respectively.

The highest priced list rental category in the index remained permission-based international email files at $388/M, even though it dropped 3.24% or $13/M from the prior quarter.


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