Chief Marketer serves marketing professionals at consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) brands, as well as their agencies, with rich, detailed information on measurable marketing strategies, tactics, and techniques. Today’s marketers require not only creative ideas but the data and tools that will help aquire, engage, and convert cross all channels to get results quickly. Chief Marketer delivers – providing actionable insights, best practices, inspiring ideas, and the resources and technologies that empower and measure ROI.


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Average Monthly Unique Visitors: 45,445

Average Monthly Total Visitors: 56,961

Average Monthly Pageviews: 83,000

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Key Placements
This unique native advertising opportunity offers premium exposure of your sponsored content to Chief Marketer’s website visitors with placement in high profile, key locations. With PISCES, your content appears in the primary site navigation, as well as embedded and labeled as partner content alongside our editorial and within search results.

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Looking for a unique way to offer engaging content that showcases your brand and your senior level talent.  Shoptalk offers a turnkey video content marketing solution that gives your senior executives the starring role.  The interview will revolve around a topic—trends, opinions, best practices, future outlook and/or vision—showcasing thought leadership and providing guidance to the marketing community.  The video will be made available to the Chief Marketer audience and promoted via email, social, enewsletters and the web—with an opportunity to add a lead generation component by offering downloadable gated companion reports on the video landing page.


A 3:00 HD video, and two video snippets



A 3:00 HD video, and two video snippets and an additional content piece

Co-op Featured Content

Chief Marketer Co-op Featured content program is a proven and economical option for promoting white papers, webinars, podcast etc., along with other sponsored assets, via weekly email promotions to over 30,000 subscribers. Use this innovative program to drive traffic to your site and collect registration from prospects.

Rate: 1x-$1,900, 4x-$1,700, 8x-$1,500, 12x-$1,300


Single sponsored email promotion delivered to 16,000 data buyers and consultants- list brokers, list managers and direct marketers- who are ardent followers & purchasers of new data opportunities being made available across email, mobile, telemarketing & postal to help them reach their, or their clients, target audiences.  

Rate: 1x-$1,900, 4x-$1,700, 8x-$1,500, 12x-$1,300

Solo Epromotions

Epromotions provide the opportunity to deliver uncluttered messaging quickly and efficiently, allowing for prompt engagement and feedback. Ideal for driving registrations and/or downloads to events & reports; promote new products or special offers. All hyperlinks in the creative can be tracked; delivery and open rate reports are also provided.

Rate: 1x-$7,200 4x-$6,800 8x-$6,300 12x-$6,000

Chief Marketer Website

Digital content written for time-starved marketers that need easy access to information on implementing proven marketing techniques that get measurable results.

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Live educational programming to our audience with the ability to reach 100,000+ marketing professionals. Up to one hour in length, Chief Marketer webinars offer our audience and speakers real-time interaction through live polling, Q&A and social media, setting the stage for an engaging and enlightening program.

  • Project Management 
  • Consultation with our Director of Online Education to review webinar topic/content to ensure optimal registrations and post event recap & recommendations      
  • State of the art technology platform     
  • Landing page/registration set up
  • Targeted marketing campaign to entire network including creative and email campaign to 55,000+ marketing professionals
  • Thought Leadership & Co-Branding in marketing & in event with editorial
  • Data on all registrants
  • Archive of on-demand version for six months post event 

Solo sponsored Webinar Rates: 1x- $16,000 3x $13,395


Special Reports & Content

Sponsorships offer you the chance to align your brand with relevant, quality content from the editors. Content is gated for download, so you receive quality leads as part of your sponsorship. Our content is tailored to the key topics and tactics of most interest to consumer marketers and business-to-business marketers, and also covers the marketing technology that powers their campaigns, analytics, and metrics.

Rate: 1x-$9,800, 2x-$8,330 and 3x-$7,840

Point of View Content

This product marries together two winning marketing strategies – Content Marketing, a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience; and Thought Leadership, the art of positioning your company as a leader in its field through best-in-class content. You send us the content, we create the packaged presentation and distribute to your customers and prospects- marketing professionals. Your company will stand out and be seen by thousands of Chief Marketer readers interested in learning insights from current or potential partners presented through their trusted resource for marketing information.

Rate: $7,500

*Custom content cost depends on the number of pages and type of research needed. Call your sales representative to get pricing. 

Virtual Events

Chief Marketer’s Acadamy deep dives into the hottest trends such as Marketing to Millennials and MarTech Tools from the marketer’s perspective. Marketers who want to immerse themselves in a topic will find everything they need at their fingertips. No need to go hunting around on different sites to gather up bits and pieces. Chief Marketer creates an oasis of curated external and internal resources offering all the information in one place. From “What is it?” to “How will it help me engage and convert?” to demos, case studies and how to’s. Registrants for these events are averaging 600 to 1,000.

Event Sponsor (includes session speaker and booth) 

Rate: $15,000


Chief Promo Marketer: Offering the latest trends and tips from the world of promotional and B2C marketing, including case histories and expert commentary on experiential marketing, sweepstakes, social media, digital marketing, loyalty, retail, cross-channel and more.
(published bimonthly on Tuesday)

Chief Business Marketer: Featuring commentary specifically geared to the needs of B2B marketers, including analysis, campaign coverage of leading B2B brands and best practices. Topics featured include lead gen, nurturing and conversion; account based marketing; marketing automation; digital marketing; SEO; social media; live events and more.
(published bimonthly on Thursday)

Chief Marketer Tech Talk: Focused on the technology needs and concerns of marketers, with an eye on acquiring and implementing the tech that helps marketers streamline their processes and boost the bottom line. Tech covered includes marketing automation, CRM, content marketing systems, data & analytics tools and more.
(published bimonthly on Tuesday)

Chief Marketer This Week: Curated by the editors of Chief Marketer, this weekly news digest recaps the top marketing and advertising stories of the week from around the Internet.
(published every Friday)

Rates for all newsletter are:

First position: 1x -$975 4x -$875 8x -$775 12X -$ 665

Second position: 1x -$775 4x -$675 8x -$575 12X -$ 465

Audience Extension

The first email marketing offering to blend outbound engagement, programmatic retargeting and lookalike audience recruitment.

You’ll never look at your email marketing campaigns the same. Ever.

Each three-month audience extension program includes: Targeted outreach. A custom email blast sent to 30,000 buyers each month from our coveted database of super buyers.

Amplified engagement. Programmatic retargeting surrounds those 30,000 buyers with your banner ad for 30 days across 1,000+ web sites.

Extended audience. Lookalike technology serves your banner ad up to thousands of relevant buyers outside our database.

Each month, another targeted, amplified and extended campaign. With AUDIENCE EXTENSION, the email blast is just the beginning!

Rate: $10,000 Per Month (Minimum Three-Month Commitment)

Events & Awards

Leaders Of Brand Activation & PRO Awards

Leaders Of Brand Activation & PRO Awards

PROMONext: Leaders of Brand Activation is the go-to event covering how top brands capitalize on the latest trends in promotional marketing. Hear fast paced presentations by brand marketers, offering fresh insights on what’s working and what’s not in social, event, video, content and mobile. Sessions are followed by The PRO Awards Gala, a lively event announcing the winners of the most prestigious promotional marketing awards program in the world.

B2B LeadsCon’s Connect to Convert

B2B LeadsCon’s Connect to Convert

B2B LeadsCon is the only event exclusively devoted to B2B Lead Generation—acquisition through conversion and is a must attend for B2B marketers looking to optimize lead gen, nurturing and ultimately sales. “Dozens of takeaways,” “Great learning experience” and “Not to be missed” are some of the rave reviews attendees give us. B2B LeadsCon + Path2Conversion is designed for those who desire accountability in their marketing spend and have results-driven marketing objectives.



Chief Marketer’s 2018 Superbook: What You Need NOW to Boost Your Marketing Mojo

Welcome to the world’s largest searchable directory of marketing partners, viewed each year by more than 140,000 marketers representing an aggregate marketing spend of $25 billion.

With dedicated directory categories such as Agencies, Marketing Services, Marketing Technology and Marketing Products, no other online marketplace and directory provides the reach, the targetability and the measured return that the Superbook does.

Reach the biggest brands and companies across the Fortune 500. Show off your company, your products and your services. And generate tangible leads. Check out the infographic that says it all. Click here to get listed in the Superbook.

The Chief Marketer Superbook provides a 12-month activation:

ONLINE. Your directory listing comes to life online with a multimedia microsite featuring an overview of your company, contact information, instant lead generation tied to your head of sales and real-time feeds from your social media channels. PLUS: Upload your sell sheets brochures, case studies, videos and more as downloadable assets that viewers can click to view. We’ll get you more traffic to your Superbook listing than you get on your web site!

IN PRINT. Your “Year of Superbook” activation kicks off with a full-page overview of your company running in our printed Superbook, a national directory of hundreds of partners mailed to the top 30,000 marketing buyers and procurement teams across the Fortune 1000.

JOIN NOW. Click here to view our overview. Click here to join the Superbook.

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