Clorox Says Clean is “An Idea” in New Short Films

Posted on by Patty Odell

Clorox is cleaning up its marketing strategy with a new message: Using its products can bring about emotional change, in addition to a clean house or clean clothes.

The new campaign, “Clean Matters,” is about the “clearing of the emotional grime we build up in our daily lives, and the intentional shift from what was to what can be,” the company says.

“Clean is an idea. It is possibility and potential. It is a new beginning. Clean isn’t just the opposite of dirty, it is the start of something new. We are elevating from a chore to more—from a task to a canvas for what comes next.”

Four new short films feature real people for the first time. Each spot shares a different everyday messy or dirty time, like a teen preparing for an important date by cleaning out his car or parents cleaning a dirty sink before giving their newborn a bath.

The spots break tonight during the fall premiere of NBC’s “The Voice,” and will be amplified across cinema, digital and social. The campaign, from FCB, is tagged with “Clean is the beginning. What comes next is everything.”

Watch this short film of a veteran putting on his dress whites:

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