Chief Marketer Listline Dec. 3

Posted on by Beth Negus Viveiros

Chief Marketer and NextMark offer a selection of files new to market. The criteria for selection for Chief Marketer Listline is:

· New list to market in past 7 days

· Exclusive to list manager

· Data card quality score 85 or higher on NextMark

· Data card publicly available online

 African Wildlife Foundation

AWF is the leading international conservation organization focused solely on Africa.

Universe: 46,899

Price: $80/M

Selections: $10+ donors, gender, SCF/State/Zip

Contact: Specialized Fundraising Services, Inc., Emily Wood,, (864) 579-7755 x133


Ageless Iron Almanac Magazine

Published by Meredith Corporation and from the editors of Successful Farming Magazine, Ageless Iron Almanac is a premier resource for serious antique farm equipment collectors.

Universe: 20,319

Price: $100/M

Selections: 3- and 6-month hotlines, gender, source, State/SCF/Zip

Contact: Rickard List Marketing, Kathy Sharman, (631) 249-8710


George Allen Masterfile

These conservative donors have given to George Allen during his campaigns running for Congress, the Senate and Governor of Virginia.

Universe: 51,655

Price: $110/M

Selections: Gender. SCF/State/Zip

Contact: TMA Direct, Tara McGinley,, (703) 547-4948


Salesian Missions Regional Donors

This nonprofit cares for disadvantaged children in over 130 countries, including the US.

Universe: 523,115

Price: $75/M

Selections: $5+ and $10+ donors, 6-month hotline, Catholic, gender, geography, greeting card and Mass card buyers, non-sectarian

Contact: Estee Marketing  Deana Snyder,, (914) 235-7080 x16


The Times of Israel

The Times of Israel covers Israel, the Middle East region and the Jewish people, and has no partisan political affiliation.

Universe: 8,300

Price: $400/M

Contact: Negev Direct Marketing, Inc., Yoav Kaufman,, (646) 201-4080


Maria Dailey is a client success specialist with NextMark Inc.


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