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5 Ways Marketing Can Support Sales

|  by Sharon Gillenwater

How can marketing create more content that supports c-suite engagement and boosts sales? Here's five tips.


What Are the Biggest B2B Pain Points?

|  by Beth Negus Viveiros

Are you a B2B marketer feeling the pain? You’re not alone. We asked several of our speakers at this month’s B2B Connect to Convert summit what they thought were the biggest challenges facing B2B marketers today.

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Digital Marketing Metrics That Will Uncover Big Growth Opportunities

|  by Natalia Selby

The average digital marketing spend for businesses predicted to reach $118 billion by 2021. But simply knowing the potential value of digital marketing isn’t enough—you must measure marketing metrics and analytical data to determine you’re your marketing ROI.


3 Steps to Creating Successful Buyer Personas

|  by Ryan Malone

Do you really understand your buyer? Do you feel their pain points or know how to speak their language? Buyer personas can help fill in the gaps.

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