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Generating Better Reports for Lead Gen Feedback

|  by David T Scott

Were the leads good, or was there foul play? And how can you possibly make improvements without the proper feedback loop? Don’t stress - there’s still hope!


Bing Driving High-Quality Traffic

|  by Patrick Gorman

According to Adobe Digital Index, Bing search results are driving higher-quality traffic to sites compared to Google, and retailers are getting higher revenue-per-visit from Bing.


100% Pure’s Predictive Success

|  by Patrick Gorman

Natural skincare company 100% Pure is leveraging predictive marketing technology to run email campaigns, VIP offers and even using the data to help find the best locations for brick-and-mortar stores.


Waging the War for Data Science Talent

|  by John P. Kelly and Farouk Ferchichi

Relatively few individuals have the training and experience to comprehend the big data landscape and make sense of what is going on.

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Bringing Location and Weather Together

|  by Patrick Gorman

Delivering mobile ad messages to app subscribers based on location and weather data can mean success for advertisers, and The Weather Company is paying close attention to how these variables can help target consumers.

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