Sick of the “We Reached ‘X’ Facebook Fans” Press Releases

Posted on by Tim Parry

facebook-thumbs-down.gifIt’s kind of sad to see merchants of all types hitting the wires with announcements that they reached “X” number of Facebook fans (
here’s the latest one).

Sure, it’s a great chest-thumping press release, but does the number of Facebook fans you have tell the story of how great you are in social media?

Many marketers and merchants seem to think Facebook is all about quantity. Quality still matters, and it may be more important than quantity. Here’s why:

Social media is about being social. You need to connect with your audience in social media, not just throw something out there and hope people listen. If you’re a merchant, a customer asks you a question on your Facebook page, and you don’t respond, you come across like you just don’t care.

Think of it this way: You throw a party, and you ignore half of your attendees. The half you ignore may not want to come back to the party. Worse, they may tell their friends that you ignored them. And the next time you throw a party, the people you ignored (and maybe some new invitees if word-of-mouth spread to them) aren’t going to RSVP.

Now, if you got 75,000 fans on Facebook, how did you get them (or how did they find you?). Did they click a link your own website? Were they referrals from other Facebook fans (How many of us saw our friends “Liked” something on Facebook and decided to do the same, then never went to that page?)? Did you promise to make a donation to a good cause based on the number of fans you get (It’s a disgusting tactic, but people do it, even if they have the best intentions in mind)?

And how many of your fans are active participants? Do they respond when you’re using Facebook for couponing, or do they true ambassadors of your brand?

Just remember, Facebook is a two-way street. You need to be a traffic controller, and not lead your fans down a dead-end street. Promote quality over quantity, and you’ll be a Facebook winner.


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