PROtober: A Quick and Crisp Look at Lay’s Potato Chips

Posted on by Beth Negus Viveiros

lays-chipsWelcome to PROtober on the Big Fat Marketing Blog, where we’ll be sharing trivia and fun facts about some of this year’s PRO Award winning brands.

The Marketing Arm won three gold PRO Awards this year for its “Lay’s Do Us a Flavor” campaign for Lay’s Potato Chips/Frito Lay—Best Idea or Concept, Best Multidiscipline Promotion and Bet Promotion Generating Brand Awareness.

In “Lay’s Do Us a Flavor,” consumers were invited to create new flavors for the iconic Lay’s potato chip brand. Herman W. Lay began his potato chip business in Nashville in 1932 by delivering snack foods. Shortly after, he purchased  the manufacturer and formed H.W. Lay & Co.

Barbeque was the only other Lay’s flavor besides salted up until the early 1990s. Lay’s products are marketed worldwide under other labels, such as Walkers in the United Kingdom and Smith’s Crisps in Australia.

Similar to Lay’s contest, Walkers also ran a ‘Nations Flavour’ promotion where the public votes for new flavor they like the best. Past flavors have included Spanish Chicken Paella, Japanese Teriyaki Chicken, German Bratwurst Sausage, Italian Spaghetti Bolognese, French Garlic Baguette, American Cheeseburger, Brazilian Salsa, Scottish Haggis, Irish Stew, English Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding, Dutch Edam Cheese, Australian BBQ Kangaroo, South African Sweet Chutney, Argentinian Flame Grilled Steak and Welsh Rarebit.

Congratulations to The Marketing Arm and Frito Lay. Click here to read more about the 2013 PRO Award winning campaigns.



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