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Foreign Correspondence

|  by Larry Riggs

For years, mail volume has been falling off in the U.S. and it shows no signs of abating. The standard explanation is that this oldest of communications is being supplanted by the electronic. Well in the rest of the world, it ain

Digital Paper = The New Holography

About 20 years ago, holography was supposed to be the next big thing. Every client explored it, trying to bring three-dimensionality to their print work. I remember visiting the Museum of Holography with one of our big clients fine-tuning the ...

Take Me Out To The… Timeshare?

|  by Tim Parry

When I travel, I like to hit a ballgame. Major Leagues, minors, I don't care. I think it's a great way to learn about the city and it's people. And it's also a great place to buy a $10 beer and finagle a free t-shirt from a credit card company. But ...

I Want to be the Deranged Criminal

Who are you going to be for Halloween this year? According to information gathered from The Lycos 50, based on Internet search results the top 10 costumes so far this year are: 1) Batman 2) Indiana Jones 3) Joker 4) Iron Man 5) Hulk ...

Trade Show Survival

|  by Chief Marketer Staff

With due respect to Ruth Stevens, there are a couple of things that she failed to mention in her first-rate book on B2B conferences

I Heart Press Releases: And Cell Phone Users Love Obama

|  by Tim Parry

I use a cell phone and I'm in love with Barack Obama. Apparently 71% of all cell phone users love Obama. It doesn't mean the other 29% want John McCain and only call "Klondike 5" numbers from their land lines. But that's part of an actual press ...

I Don’t Wanna be Linked In No More

First of all, who the @@#%* has time for social media? I get updates all day long that my so-called friends are reading Harry Potter or eating soup or depressed or worried about the cubs or thinking about puppies . . . who cares???!! Who created this ...