Holiday Email Watch 2: Victoria’s Super Clickfest, Zappos’ Clever Copy

Posted on by Beth Negus Viveiros

v331962.jpgAnother week’s worth of seasonal emails has decked my inbox. Here’s a holiday sampler. (For my first round of holiday 2011 emails, click here.)

Victoria’s Secret proclaimed that they had “6 Gifts on Every Supermodel’s List” in a subject line. I clicked it open, of course, as I am my household’s reigning supermodel. (Okay, so I’m the only chick in a house with three dudes. It still counts as winning.)

The Runway Essentials Makeup Kit seemed like something useless that I might need more than life itself, so I clicked immediately. Instead of taking me to the product, I was sent to a generic Supermodel Wish List main page, where I didn’t even see the kit in the appearing results. Starting to lose interest but persevering


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