Hey Cheeky Monkeys! Craig Ferguson Hosted the ECHOs

Posted on by Beth Negus Viveiros

dscn4632.JPGWhen you think about it, Craig Ferguson was a very appropriate choice to host the Direct Marketing Association’s ECHO Awards.

The man clearly gets marketing. He’s on Twitter regularly, representing his brand. He promoted his autobiography “American On Purpose” on his show shamelessly. And, he appreciates Dyson’s infomercial claims about “the proper amount of suction.”

Ferguson took to the stage at San Francisco’s Moscone Center Tuesday evening by cheekily noting that the ceremony was “usually hosted by Jay Leno, and then Conan wanted the job, and now I’m here,” a sly dig at the fact that Leno was initially announced as the ECHO host.

Sure, he’s been around the Emmys and the Oscars, but the ECHOs? “This is the big day!” he joked.

But Ferguson wasn’t putting down the world of direct marketing. Instead, he seemed to be genuinely amused, in a friendly way, by the world of DM. “Direct marketing is how I know there at 137 Chinese restaurants in my neighborhood,” he observed.

“TV advertising?” he said, before he presentation of the A. Eicoff Broadcast Award. “I approve!”

“Are you the guys who do the envelopes? F*** you,” he said with a smirk, making fun of the fact that he may or may not have been instructed to curse during the show.

(For the record Craig, I love to curse too. And I’d never give my kids a curse jar to collect a quarter every time mom uttered an inappropriate word. I couldn’t afford it.)

(And I was there in the back of the room, quietly and proudly representing Scottish Americans by doing my best to empty the wine bottles on my table. Yes, I’m about 75% of Scottish descent. The other 25%? English, Irish, Gallifreyian


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