George Carlin, Social Media and Stuff

Posted on by Beth Negus Viveiros

In our just released social marketing survey (download the full results here), we explore where marketers are (and aren’t) allotting budget dollars. We also took time to ask them some personal questions about their social media lives.

Not surprisingly, Facebook was cited as the most important network for respondents personally. Why? To quote the late, great, George Carlin, “It’s a place for their stuff.” Their family is there, their friends are there, their photos are there, there’s no character limits on what they write. “It’s a place to keep your stuff, while you go out and get more stuff.”

A year from now, many marketers say Facebook will still reign supreme for marketers. Coming in second was Twitter, which was the second most popular when it came to a personal favorite network. Instagram and Pinterest were cited by a few, as was LinkedIn, presumably for B2B.

Of course, the higher you are on a list, the further you are to fall. Facebook was also named as the network most likely to fall out of favor. “Facebook is a personal space that’s turning into a public noticeboard.” “As Facebook adds more stuff, more stuff gets lost and you don’t care because it becomes hard to enjoy. Facebook can’t be all things to all people—and all marketers.”

Check out the results of our annual social media survey and see if your social “stuff” is on par with what your peers are doing.


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