Alan Rimm-Kaufman, 1968-2009

Posted on by Tim Parry

Alan Rimm-KaufmanSometimes, news doesn’t travel as fast as you’d wish. Like today, I heard that
Alan Rimm-Kaufman had
died of Leukemia on Saturday at the age of 41.

First, a few links:

  • Charlottesville Daily Progress
  • In Memorium: Alan Rimm-Kaufman
  • Alan Rimm-Kaufman (1968 – 2009): a Tribute
    • Even though we exchanged pleasantries when we saw each other at conferences and trade shows, I didn’t know non-business Alan extremely well, and that was my loss.

      But the respect I had for Rimm-Kaufman was huge. Here’s a guy who about 10 years ago began building Crutchfield’s e-commerce business into a giant. And he was so well respected by his peers that he was able to very successfully launch his own business. Let’s just say there was no shortage of clients and colleagues seeking Rimm-Kaufman’s advice.

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