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Tuning In to Outsourced

|  by Melissa Dowling

Will you be checking out the new NBC comedy Outsourced tomorrow night? If you haven

For Sale: Female Students’ Backsides

KFC has found a new location for its ads: the backsides of college students (females only need apply). The girls wear sweatpants with

Going Postal? Watch This Video!

|  by Jim Tierney

When GOP strategist Jack Berkman suggested that the U.S. Postal Service is comprised of "unskilled Nigerians", the floodgates opened during a recent segment on FBN's "Money Rocks" program. When former New York Sen. Al D'Amato, a Republican, chimed in ...

How Conservative Should List Owners Be?

|  by Larry Riggs

About three years ago, Compassion & Choices, a right-to-die advocacy group, decided to increase its direct mail schedule from four times to six times per year despite difficulty it had in getting lists of politically conservative people likely to go for ...