Ben & Jerry’s Plots Its Own Summer Games

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In a nod to the 2004 Olympic Games, Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops are hosting a tongue-in-cheek Ben & Jerry’s 2004 Summer Games promo.

Consumers compete for a grand-prize trip to Burlington, VT headquarters for an awards ceremony and rock concert tied to Rock the Vote. Other prizes include ice cream and T-shirts.

Events include the Waffle Cone Anthem (gobble a waffle cone and try to whistle); Frozen T-Shirt Wrestle (race to unwrap a frozen T-shirt and put it on); Chunky Monkey Hacky Sack (keep a Hacky Sack aloft while eating an ice cream cone); and Cherry Garcia Shot Put (toss a cherry onto a sundae from 10 feet away).

Additional events in Cleveland, Portland, Providence, San Diego and Washington include Whipped Cream Discus (partners eat whipped cream off a Frisbee) 15-Yard Pint Dash (run with seven stacked pints) New York Super High Scoop (build the tallest tower of scoops). Hawkeye Group, Dallas, handles for the 300-store chain.

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