Sharknado 3’s Storm of Marketing Tie-Ins

|  by Beth Negus Viveiros

It’s okay, you can admit it: Either live or on DVR, you watched “Sharknado 3: Oh, Hell No!” this week. And you flippin’ loved it.


Who You Need for a Great Content Marketing Team

|  by Beth Negus Viveiros

Do you have a huge bench of seasoned writers, editors and analysts on your content marketing team? Or, more likely, is it just you, you, and, well…you?

b2b leadscon logo

Why You Should Be at B2B LeadsCon

|  by Beth Negus Viveiros

In B2B marketing, it all starts with leads—you need to acquire them, nurture them and then guide them to convert. Figuring out the best plan to make that happen is essential


Dow AgroSciences Digs Deep to Engage Farmers

|  by Beth Negus Viveiros

Keeping a focus on their true customers helped Dow AgroSciences connect with farmers in the fields and at live events. “We used Twitter, not just to post messages but to gain insights from a broad base of customers,” said Mike Fredrick, executive director, Bader Rutter, speaking at BMA15. “We paid attention to retweets and favorites.”…


Create a Better B2B Big Data Plan

|  by Beth Negus Viveiros

Sure, you’ve got lots of B2B data. But do you have a plan for how to use it? Now is the time to set your big data agenda.