The Digital Crossover Between Marketing and Technology

|  by Brian Gregg

Content marketing is a key discipline in today’s digital marketing. To master all of these challenges, marketing needs to reorganize itself. It needs technology, organization, oversight and control systems.

Four Event Marketing Metrics That Matter

|  by Dax Callner

With the emergence of digital marketing platforms, too many marketers are evaluating their event marketing campaigns through marketing performance indicators like views or clicks, rather than business metrics.

5 Tips to Humanize a Technology Brand

|  by Parna Sarkar-Basu

It doesn’t matter if someone is buying one iPhone for themselves or spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a martech stack: People buy from other people.

Improving Online Personalization: 5 Tips

|  by Trevor Legwinski

Online personalization faces several challenges, including privacy concerns. Here's 5 ideas for avoiding the creepiness factor.

Four Things to Consider About Interactive Video Walls

|  by Fabio Matsui

For brand marketers looking to make an out-sized impression on customers, interactive video walls can provide an immense visual platform for creating memorable experiences.

Four Common Martech Mistakes—and How to Avoid Them

|  by John Becker

The process of buying martech can be complicated. The promises of many vendors sound too good to be true, but the pull of additional revenue is so strong companies often jump in without doing their homework.