Reaching Millennials With Email Marketing

|  by Mike Nardella

Just as brands are finally getting a grip on how to navigate the new social landscape to engage their target audiences, there’s another channel that’s turning younger Millennials’ heads—email.


How Big Data and Marketing Analytics Can Help Sales

|  by By Glenn Gow

Sales teams used to be key sources of information for buyers, but access to an extraordinary variety and volume of information means buyers are much less reliant on salespeople than ever before.


Capturing the Mobile Opportunity in Live TV

|  by Craig Palli

Whatever your industry, those key moments that combine live TV and mobile provide a chance to reach target customers at a much lower cost than the premiums you'd pay for TV ads.


How Job Churn is Hurting Marketing Data

|  by Jennifer Groese

Job churn can be a good thing for workers and the economy, but for marketing departments trying to keep their prospecting data fresh, it can be a nightmare.

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Does Your Brand Have Soul?

|  by Yvonne Tocquigny

In the “Age of the Customer,” the key question for branding has become: Does your brand have the attributes—the soul—to attract the right audience?