How Job Churn is Hurting Marketing Data

|  by Jennifer Groese

Job churn can be a good thing for workers and the economy, but for marketing departments trying to keep their prospecting data fresh, it can be a nightmare.

brand marketing

Does Your Brand Have Soul?

|  by Yvonne Tocquigny

In the “Age of the Customer,” the key question for branding has become: Does your brand have the attributes—the soul—to attract the right audience?


Benchmark to Excellence, not Mediocrity

|  by Yvonne Tocquigny

Most CEOs want to know where they stand against their competitors. Benchmark data is a useful tool in helping companies see their futures in a new way.

social media habits

Social Behaviors That Drive Brand Advocacy

|  by Holly Hamman

Transforming a target consumer into a brand advocate is a top goal for brands. Driving social behaviors can take consumers from awareness to advocates.


Would Your CMO Have a Beer With Your CTO?

|  by admin

In this Q&A, Dun & Bradstreet Credibility’s Aaron Stibel, SVP and CTO, and Judy Hackett, SVP, CMO, discuss how a strong culture of collaboration works.