5 Common Mistakes in Setting Brand KPIs

|  by Brian Rafferty

A common struggle for many clients is determining the right KPIs and methodology for tracking performance of initiatives and/or teams.

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Capturing the Promotion Power of Monthly Statements

|  by Steve Biancaniello

Since monthly statements are often the primary touch point customers have with a company, and are frequently the only tangible evidence of the service provided, they offer a powerful, innovative opportunity for marketers.


The Future of Marketing Automation

|  by Irv Shapiro

Instead of assuming leads come in at the top of a funnel and work their way down, third-gen systems marketing automation learn from every step of the sales process.


The 5 Symptoms of Bad App Marketing

|  by Josh Todd

Unfortunately, many app marketers are still struggling to bring together the right insights and systems to provide the best possible experience.


Reinventing the 360-Degree Customer View

|  by Ben Tepfer

Sure, everyone talks about a 360-degree customer view. But rather than going in circles, maybe you should think about a spiral instead.

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Personalizing Email With Dynamic Content

|  by Christopher Lester

Dynamic content takes personalization to a new level, allowing marketers to target individual email recipients with different content based on subscribers’ demographics or preferences.