21 Questions You Must Ask The Marketing Team

|  by Bruce Kasanoff (

Provoking frank discussions is not always easy. Here's 21 questions to pose to the marketing team to open up the conversation and generate new ideas.


Creating a Successful Second-Screen Experience

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In an attempt to engage these multitasking viewers, experienced marketers are experimenting with new ways to help people discover, consume, and share second-screen content.


Putting a Face on Anonymous Data

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How can marketers get precise and targeted user data, especially for digital advertisers, if the audience is working just as hard to stay in the shadows?


The Changing Face of User Generated Content

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Here are three good reasons why every brand should consider empowering business units in 2015 with the tools necessary to more easily leverage UGC

fake followers

4 Tools to Remove Fake Followers

|  by Lisa Karl (SocialMediaExaminer)

Twitter and Instagram can attract fake followers who detract from those followers truly interested in your brand. Here's 4 tools to find and remove fakers.


Do you Rely on Gut Instinct Over ROI?

|  by admin

A new report from eMarketer sheds light on just how little marketers actually know about ROI for the channels they select to market in.