As the Competition Heats Up, Group Buying Platforms Work on Loyalty

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Now that the daily deals business has gone into overdrive, companies like Groupon, Living Social and Eversave are figuring out ways to step away from the pack by offering more attractive deals for consumers and driving loyalty for merchants.

For example, Groupon recently introduced a new service, Groupon Now, which allows business owners to be featured on Groupon for a limited time period to target slow times. For example, a restaurant that is slow on Tuesdays from 1 pm to 5 pm could offer a discount if redeemed the same day. Last year, Groupon entered into a partnership with eBay to offer incentives to eBay loyalty members who participate in Groupon deals. And it is taking advantage of its latest sponsorship—with Taste of DC—to offer deals on tickets to events to local residents.

Both Groupon and Living Social have added a mobile component that will identify a user’s location and deliver deals that can be bought and used right away—as in, within two or three hours.

Now, Eversave, has launched Eversave Extras, a program designed to acquire profitable customers for local merchants. The new program is an expansion of the company’s loyalty program, of which membership is largely affluent women.

The program works by rewarding members with credits, called Save Rewards, for performing certain actions when redeeming their daily deal vouchers. For example, customers can earn Save Rewards for reaching a certain spending level when redeeming their Saves, or for booking a subsequent follow up appointment.

Save Rewards, earned when redeeming Saves, can be used by Eversave customers to buy future daily deals at Eversave.

“The success of this industry depends on both satisfied customers and successful merchants,” Jere Doyle, CEO of Eversave, said in a release.

Eversave offers local daily deals — called “Saves” — which offer great deals on fun things to do in and around cities including restaurants, spas, activities and more. Eversave launched local deals in Boston last year and has expanded the offers to numerous other cities, including, Atlanta, GA, Austin, TX, Baltimore, MD, Chicago, IL and New York City.


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