5 Tips for Improving Video Marketing

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Jeremy Vest
As the Internet changes the way prospects access products and services, businesses must focus on new marketing strategies to get on their target audience’s radar. One way is through online video, which reaches 85.4% of the U.S. Internet audience, according to ComScore.

video marketingIf your business isn’t incorporating video marketing into its overall strategy, you could be missing out on huge chunk of the prospect pie. Since YouTube is second only to Google in volume of searches, it’s a great (free) place to upload and manage your video marketing content. But don’t just create videos and upload them to your channel; make sure your videos get watched.

Here are five simple content marketing tips to apply to your video strategy today.

1.     Utilize a variety of content
Create a more dynamic video channel by using vlogs (video blogs), video case studies and other recorded video testimonial in addition to video product marketing to provide information users or potential prospects need.

2.     Know your audience
Answer the question: Which groups of people can best benefit from your product or service? Once you’ve narrowed that down, position yourself for success at the corner of “search” and “intent.” Focus on the creation of videos that solve problems common to your target audience. Video marketing is more than putting content online for people to stumble across; it’s about catering content to the people who will benefit from it.

3.     Harness the power of video search optimization
Video should be optimized to reach your audience based on search intent and brand name. Focus on adding keywords to titles, tags and descriptions. Also consider adding playlists centered on industry keywords and terms. Doing so will help users find content specific to their search queries.

4.     Advertise
It’s important to keep in mind the value of organic video views to reach an engaged audience. However, through Google AdWords for video, many companies are able to expand their reach by targeting specific demographics and individuals with niche interests. The cost per brand impression can be as low as pennies on the dollar given the volume of video people consume and the engagement associated with video. Additionally, targeted ads reach those who could benefit from the service, thus increasing sales and revenue. Proper targeting also avoids over-inundating those who have no interest in your product.

5.     Don’t forget YouTube is a social network
Many small businesses consider YouTube to be a hosting platform for their video content. However, with more than 800 million active users, YouTube should be considered a top social network. Engage with other users, liked content and shared videos. Users like to see brands that are active—it instills a sense of community.

 Video is changing the way businesses and prospects interact. Implement the five best practices above and you’ll be surprised at the increase in qualified web traffic and leads you generate from a well-optimized and effective video marketing strategy.

 Jeremy Vest  is senior SEM & online manager for Wasp Barcode Technologies. He can be reached at Jvest@waspbarcode.com.



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