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Chief Marketer Listline Oct. 21

|  by Casey McClay

Lists offered this week include Vermont Teddy Bear PIP and Conde Nast Statement Program.

Infographic: Email Marketing Cheat Sheet

Marketo, a marketing automation software company, has shared a cheat sheet for email marketers. The infographic covers how much time email marketers should try to spend on various aspects of running a campaign, what marketers should focus on testing the most and optimal send times. Here are some of the notable tidbits from the cheat…

More Than Half of U.S. Adult Internet Users Will Use Digital Coupons in 2013

If projections from eMarketer are accurate, 52.0 percent of adult Internet users in the U.S. will use digital coupons this year. By 2015, that figure is expected to rise to 57.5 percent. According to eMarketer, there will be 102.5 million adults using digital coupons this year in the U.S., up 11.0 percent from the 92.3…

Study: 85% of Web Pages Are Not Compliant With the New TCPA Revisions

On Oct. 16, two major revisions to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) went into effect. However, a study from PerformLine finds that most Web pages collecting contact information are not in compliance with the updated TCPA. One of the revisions to the TCPA requires marketers to obtain “prior express written consent” for all autodialed…